Integrated Legal and Management Acumen

Silver State offers legal services that are integrated with our client's management services to help wealthy families and business owners, by advising on pooled investment structures, private trust structures and foundations to accomplish their family business, investment and philanthropic objectives.  Our substantial knowledge of the areas of law that apply to these arrangements has been gained from our experience working with families of significant wealth for generations.

Silver State is dedicated to the preservation of assets built by wealthy families and multigenerational businesses. To advise our clients, we draw on practitioners from a broad range of practice areas within the firm and through strategic local counsel relationships.  Most importantly we also work with a client’s financial professionals, including wealth managers, accountants and insurance experts. Silver State’s diversified experience is delivered to the client through an integrated approach so that the full range of a client's needs can be anticipated and coordinated under the leadership of its principals.

Nevada Trusts

Silver State can attend to the formation, registration, termination and general administration of Nevada trusts. This includes administration relating to beneficiaries, payments, banking, and asset and expense transactions. We ensure tax and regulatory compliance of the trust. We also attend to the record keeping and ensure that regular trust reviews are held.

We take care of all secretarial and governance aspects relating to your Nevada trust. This includes registering the trust with the relevant local authorities, providing personal or corporate trustees, organizing and facilitating trustee meetings, and all routine correspondence. We prepare and execute trustee resolutions and attend to the signing and execution of any statutory document, title or agreement that needs to be reviewed or executed by an officer, proxy holder or power of attorney.

Corporate Governance

A core competency of Silver State is its corporate administration services so that we can provide directors, trustees and the entire suite of company secretarial services, as well as general administration services. We can also help you to plan, establish, domicile, administer and manage international structures.  Silver State offers a comprehensive range of professional management and administration services to special purpose vehicles (SPVs) and other investment vehicles for its clientele.

General Services

Silver State serves and coordinates the many needs and professional services of a single family office, including private equity, mergers and acquisitions, domestic and international tax, trusts and estates, investment management (through the client’s investment professionals), regulatory, compliance, risk management, corporate governance, finance, real estate, intellectual property and litigation, among other areas.